A Goodbye??

Ive been thinking about leaving pcb :frowning: for a while now and the main reason I feel like I am waisting my time a little because I have gotten no were and I’m not kidding nothing has been good for a warp that ive spent months on and ive been working super hard to earn trusted. (witch I realized I’m not gonna get) so I’m probally not spending as much time on like I used to I will still get on but not every other day like normal I have been playing for over a year and haven’t felt like I was useful or needed so like I said ill get on but not as much as I used to

Sorry you feel like that grant :frowning:

But Trusted really is just a name, you are a pretty good addition to the community.

but as they always say


dang I always wanted to say that


See ya around Grant :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t leave trust me

Have fun living la vida loca

Goodbye grant, I hope to see you around sometime.
I also just realised you’re an older member on pcb then me…