A goodbye?

Dear fellow PCBians,

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been on for a while. Over the last two weeks a lot has happened and my life is going pretty well. I am working for the government at the end of the month on the environment for a few weeks, I have done some interviews with some of the directors of the United Nations and I’m starting to get myself fit. This upon many other things is why I am leaving PCB. Since I joined, I never knew this day would come, I always promised myself I wouldn’t leave as I love this community so much but I realised as much as I love this world, it isn’t real and nor will it benefit me in the real world. I have come to realise that me wanting to become staff was full of greed and selfwant but I realise that is wrong. I am very proud of the people who have become mods, people who I welcomed when they first joined, Joe and Callum are upon a few. I congratulate Hywel on mod! It’s about bloody time you apply!!! You totally desered it :slight_smile:

Of course I may return upon random days. But I am focusing on my life as I soon turn an adult and wish to go to UNI which would take up a lot of my time. I also have a good social life, something I thought would never happen to be honest aha. But thanks guys, I love you all so much even though some of you annoy me sometimes :wink:

Love you all forever, good luck on PCB and in life!

Maybe I will see you once in a while on PCB to check on things :slight_smile:


The True And Only Zwinky :slight_smile:

It’s been great speaking with ya Zwinky and I’m glad to see we have become good friends on the server.

You will be missed dude and you better come online every now and then,

Cya mate :frowning:

gonna miss bickering with you man, good luck with everything and visit often

We will miss you.

Maybe we can meet, you know, UN missions in Brazil aren’t rare xD

Hopefully I can see you!

It was nice meeting you Zwinky. I’m going to miss seeing you online. But, not everyone can stay on Minecraft forever. The addiction could soon become fanatical, just look at Ryan’s play time. Hopefully, you can return time to time. It’s great to hear that you’re going to be working for your government, it seems like the schooling has payed off. Maybe someday, I’ll be doing a favor similar to your’s, as I do love the environment. Goodbye, Zwinks, and good luck.

haha Zwinky I never did build you that battleship did I? haha good luck with life buddy


Shots Fired… Ryan, please apply aloe vera to the burn.

But in all seriousness, dude I’ll miss you. You’re on your way to doing what you love, gotta respect that. Good luck working for the illuminati! Dun worry about us, we’ll still be here… after all

No one ever truly leaves PCB


No one… o.o

Dang it I have no one to do fun arguments with!

Dude have fun with your life, I know you are smart enough to live a great life!
Bye Zwink… :’(


Well, goodbye zwinky, you were a great part of the community.
I’m gonna miss ya.
Goodluck in UNI, and goodbye :’(


I’ll see you around sometime zwink