A good Gaming laptop/Desktop

Im looking for a decent gaming laptop (able to handle Arma and Dayz at least) for under warning extrememly low price! $500 prebuilt preferred but i can do a build your own. Ive searched around for about 20 minutes and gave up. I can look at specs and think they are good but end up being complete shite and i have lost hope.

My laptop atm is about 5-7 years old. IT cant handle MC anymore but can handle TF2 perfectly fine O.o

Can you suggest or at least build one that would be decent and post a link? Note i have a TV screen for a monitor atm xD


If you want the best your money can buy, you’re going to want to build your own desktop.

If you can build that is by far an away the best option assuming you don’t need to buy the OS as well. Do you need a keyboard/mouse/monitor/etc? I can put up a build real quick.

This should give you an idea