A full market wipe

The market is full of stores that are owned by players who no longer visit the server, players who have been banned, or have no chests in them… Making a bit difficult to even find places that sell items.

we cna throw the people out who haven’t done anything ina long time but no complete sweep because ppl will get angry etc

I agree with Yomi, just wipe the shops by banned players and such

Removing shops that haven’t been used in a long time will be a really big task.

And maybe ya’ll should add some signs that people can use to point to their shop and say what it sells. I tend to get lost.

You just w/e it gone. It wont be hard.

I think its easier to wipe all stores. Itll be too hard to judge what counts, and what doesnt. People can just claim new, empty shop for 1.7. Active people have enough time to get the resources from their shops.

yeah and then you can pick the top location u tried to buy for 150 diamonds and got refused. Just because you want to start over doesn’t mean EVERYone wants to start over. WE ain’t saying YOU should do it. I said WE can do that and if no one wants then I’ll do it on my OWn

Is your caps lock broken, or are you just being immature? I honestly can’t even understand what you’re saying…

I wasn’t really going to buy a market shop for 150 diamonds…I just wanted to find out what he thought his unused shop was worth. He said it himself, how he doesn’t play survival, and doesn’t even want money or items at all. It’s not starting over if you’ve never even started.

Why I’m suggesting a full market wipe because you cant just say a shop is used or unused, it isn’t black and white. There is going to be people who have only 1 chestshop that’s never stocked, decorated places that don’t sell anything, shops that have never even been set up right, and shops (like yours yomi) that have never sold anything ever.

People, like you, are wasting time and valuable space to have a shop location just because you can.

just like how ur shop is now also with only 1 chest and completely trashed? My shop was active and i bought a Huge amount of clay from that and then I had less time to be on Minecraft? yes my shop is inactive and if needed Ill take it down

In my opinion You need to Back off from controlling the economy

I agree with Yomi Ferr. I really think you should back off the economy. I like you but you really seem to be using that control for your own profit. Like with the panic after 1.7 was announced to come out. You new very well that bukkit was not coming out after 1 month or so. With that panic you made 2.5k in an hour. I really think you should back off the econ…
I don’t really believed you really care about unused shops, you just want a better location for yourself in my opinion

It’s actually a lot easier to say we can w/e it back than it is to w/e back. You would have to do each shop individually, so Guibo’s right, it will take time. It may be quicker if we do it in a group, but it’ll still take a while.

Now to Ferr, buying/selling shops is not allowed. Never has been, never will be.
You can agree to switch locations with another player, or move your shop to another empty spot if you wish, but you can’t get extra shop space in the market just because you can afford to buy someone else out.

While I like that we have someone managing the economy, and I think it has helped at least a little, we can’t have you, or anyone, using official posts like the economy report to purposefully benefit themselves, directly or indirectly.
Your ‘1.7 panic’ posts did this. Maybe you didn’t know everyone would go to your shop, but it seems from what others are saying that they did.
Report what’s going on with anything economy related, by all means, just try not to give yourself an unfair advantage with it.

What is this, everyone against Ferrari…?

Again, I said what happened not what should happen.

When derp_147 announced that 1.7 was going to come out friday, everyone rushed to the market on their own, and bought many items from many different people. (double chest of glass from kurry, ~stack of obsidian for 250 from meta) simply stated that there was a 1.7 panic. And said what happened a full 3 days after the fact, after the said panic was over.

Also, Im not trying to buy extra space, I never even tried to buy any space. I simply wanted to see what he thought his unused shop was worth, apparently priceless.

You mailed me in game asking how much I wanted for my shop. To me, that seems like trying to buy space.

Seems like you did something similar to this other person too.

I dont think a shop with stone walls and stone floors is considered ‘trashed’. I simply moved out, something you apparently cannot do.

Ferr, I agree several people are being harsh with you, but you have been stubborn about the whole 1.7 thing. I don’t think you have abused your econ reports so you would make money. Your shop was just the most famous.

I don’t see why people can’t move shops. Ruby was saying you can’t BUY or sell shops.

Well the least you could have done if you wanted to move out would be to leave it in the state you received it. With clay walls.

Stone is nice too, I don’t really think that matters.

Please don’t world edit a shop. It doesn’t remove the locks. And then we will have lots of problems trying to unlock lots of air.

We were considering it for the transfer when it won’t matter because locks don’t copy. At least they didn’t last time I had to do something like this…