A full map reset???

Should there be a map reset??? Nothing has been said, but if there are talkings then this should come in useful.

The Map is old, people are getting bored and not much space for town, most of the above caves are dug out.

We don’t want to lose are towns, and all are great creations.

First: Might want to check your spelling.
Second: Running out of space? Do you travel around?

And third, moving topic to suggestions.

and forth, this has already been mentioned in another thread, so its already being delt with.

When I say not much space, I mean FOR TOWNS, people don’t want towns too close to each other.

And fifth its not happening!

There is tons of space for towns, maybe you should venture around or look at the main map.

I’m all for the idea, but when somebody says “No item transferrs, no build transferrs” f- that idea. Some people would say its being complacent, it’s just a game, build some more stuff. Well, why do you think I PLAY this game every day? No, why do you think I play on this server? I LOVE it here! And along with everything I’ve built. All of my creativity, all of my work. I just can’t see that go. I, can’t.

There’s already a suggestion with debate on this exact topic. No need for a second one.

With that in mind, topic locked.