A Fresh Batch of Mods

Congrats to my good friends, and now fellow Moderators, Fili and Anima!
We’ve just been promoted today. Thanks for all of the congratulations received so far.

I’d say congrats on being staff, but all of you have been at one point, whether here or on our Classic Server back in the day! Welcome to your first time as staff on SMP/CMP Ferf and Animaz, and welcome back to staff here, Fili. I’m sure you three will do excellent.

Congrats Ferf!.. And Fili!.. and Anima XD Congrats!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Welcome aboard! Fantastic additions to the team. If you need anything at all, ask Zak, not me :stuck_out_tongue: (Kidding of course, I’m always happy to help).

Congrats, Ferf, Fili, Anima, and whoever else was promoted.

Congrats to all of you, I think that you’ll all do great!


Well this was unexpected. Anyways, congrats! :smiley:

Congratulations guys. I’m glad you’re back fili.

Congrats guys, wb Fili For the love of god someone plz update the staff head room at CSpawn!

Wayyyy ahead of you Mark. It’s already done :slight_smile:

Congrats, Fili, Ferf and Anima!! I’m sure you will do a great job, it’s good to have you three moderating with us (:

Congratz guys

Well done guys

You guys are a little late to the party lmao

As if I haven’t said this enough already, Congratulations! I’ve always known you would become a staff member, Fili. You’ve always had a knack for being ready to help, dissipate arguments before they begin, and you have a strong foothold in the community’s play. Again, congratulations. MrFerf, congratulations aswell! :stuck_out_tongue: As of now, I know for a fact that you two have been exceptionally amazing at being Mods, and hope one day to log on and see a yellow [OP] before your name! <3 Much love!

You’re waaay late. I’m gonna go ahead and lock this lol

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