A Formal Apology

Regarding the events that have occurred in these past few days, I feel as if it is my obligatory responsibility to apologize for my actions to Isonb and the Project City Build community. The actions that I had taken in response to the incident were lower than that of staff are expected to do. Although, honestly I’m sure that no one here would know how to handle a love struck suicidal child. I know most of the heat going against me is from the suicide part. As a past suicidal cutter I know when people are serious. And I also know when people are trying to guilt trip others. The best way to deal with people that aren’t serious about it is to use reverse psychology, which is what I tried to do. Now, most of you have seen the logs that spec posted(staff wise that is), but very important parts of it are cut out. When I had kicked everyone one the server, I had warned ison to leave before it got out of hand. But if im not mistaken, it was after that that I had started to believe she was more of a troll than a little girl(This happens alot on the internet). Now yes, I am aware that I handled this incredibly badly, but this entire situation is still one giant tumbleweed of mysteries to me.

That being said, this apology isn’t well written considering i’m very tired and I have to rush. But I hope you can see this from my point of view, or at least your hearts to forgive me.

Sincerly, Michaelangelo S. O’Rear II

Nice. :slight_smile:

This is better written than I expected and it actually does explain some of the actions taken.

Also, while I agree that your actions were nowhere near the worst in that situation, your rank means you held more responsibility too.

I hope we have all learned from the experience.

indeed. And your real name is michaelangelo? :stuck_out_tongue:

Only on my birth certificate

oh thats nice :slight_smile:

Don’t know exactly what happened here but this kind of thing is not to be taken lightly. PCB is not the type of place for anything along these lines. Direct the person to a help line/website and then stop talking to them.

omg. your back. <3

Welcome back R33BOK! Good to see you back, but this is a long dead thread, and the situation has been sorted. I’m going to lock this.

WELCOMEBACK. :slight_smile:

you forgot to lock it?


Don’t post just to lock something D: simply lock it