A Farewell from Verona!

Hello PCB! It is sad that the map is being updated, but at least we get to start anew! I regret never officially opening Verona, even though it has been here for a long time. I’d like to thank those who visited the city.

Verona was built around the inspiration of Tuscan architecture and lifestyle. Most buildings feature the same design but formed into different shapes to create a very tightly woven, small town. Verona’s history goes back to the olden days where Old Verona was a bustling trade center with cutting edge concepts in the arts. Then, the great earthquake happened and reduced Old Verona to rubble. The survivors sought to rebuild Verona on the grounds of Old Verona. A statue stands on top of a visitable part of the ruins commemorating those who died on that tragic day. Today, Verona lies peacefully on the coast of the ocean. However, Verona’s seismologists have predicted another earthquake to strike around July 10th, 2015. The earthquake is predicted to be even more destructive than the Great Verona Earthquake. Citizens are fleeing the city, leaving it desolate. My home will remain in the city, anticipating the day it is destroyed.

There will not be a New Verona built. I will be focusing on the French city of Bordelon after the disaster. Thank you PCB! And, thank you Verona for all the wonderful times I had building you!

These are some images (sorry about sizing, you can view the imgur gallery in the link below)


Imgur gallery of Verona: http://imgur.com/a/CwYIv

Current citizens and farewells:
-Amphitryon: Farewell from Verona!
-EstevaoBuilder: Farewell from Verona!
-EstiloJequiti: Farewell from Verona!
-Jumpa_jumpa: Farewell from Verona!
-Leobhz: Farewell from Verona!
-David9336: Farewell from Verona!
-tomicalover: Farewell from Verona!
-Roobear323: Farewell from Verona!

Thank you so much everyone and goodbye Verona!

[size=36pt]Verona [size=36pt]City
[size=20pt]Wishes you farewell.
July 4th, 2015

Verona is/was a lovely city :slight_smile:

Thank you David! It’s sad to see her go.

I really liked this city, and is part of the inspiration of New Havana. ;D

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