A donation of 4$

$4 has been donated by the wallet of Metazealot to be split between me and him (he’s just too damn lazy to make a post about it)

so yeah


I did a thing

Fanks 5 ur donatun. If u ned ani halo bein don8r pls ask 1 of r freindli staf.

Oh wait…

Omg this staff is sooooooooooooo immature we should ban him

EDIT: also thanks for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ this is going straight into andy’s ‘beyonce concert ticket’ jar

Nah, goes towards spec’s Brazzers subscription :wink:

And the staff t-shirts xD

And could we please get a new coffee machine, Its hard enough working round here without some decent fuckin’ coffayyyy.

^ I agree, budget cuts = shit coffee

I love you guys.