A couple of horses loose in Valandia

Well, more than a couple…
They were obviously spawned because they’re all white, and also the stables door is open

This has been has been happening all across the server.

Kurry how did you obtain zombie and skeleton horses? I’d like an explanation.

Shad spawned them on halloween I think, or at least shad was planning to.

i know that was planned but that never happened and those who where obtained illegal where slaughtered sooo how did kur get those 4?

What provoked this question? Kurry hasnt posted, and there is nothing to do with Kurry in the picture.

I presume horses were being kept in the stables that were left open…

Oh, I think I had Ouhai spawn them as a Halloween theme thing for Valandia. I didn’t know they were illegal… It’s not like you can really mount them or anything. They were more of a tourist sight.

Did I?