A bit late, but a BIG thank you!

Thanks so much to the staff at PCB for letting me become a trusted member of the community! I’m glad I’ve come off as trustworthy in these past months! I hope I’ll be able to stay trusted among you all for years to come! :smiley: You might be able to tell that I don’t know what to say from here on out… thanks again, guys!

;D ~YoshioTanabe <3



Congrats mate

Thanks, guys!


Congrats! You really deserve this. They grow up so fast. :’) I remember when you were just a little guest. XD

Haha all jokes aside, you truely deserve this and I hope you enjoy these new perks.

Congratulations <3 !

Thanks so much, Pen!

XD koala babies! Thanks a bunch!


Congratz dude! Its always exciting to get a new trusted among us :slight_smile:

do us proud!

Thanks! I will!


Congratios, YoshioTanabe/VasiliNOT/YoYo/any other nicknames you’ve had lol

You forgot the new one, yogurt.

eh, and fuckin’ JIGGLES

@BryceDestroyer03 @koalamama

So classy. Anyways, CONGRATS YOSH, YAHOO_milkthatsnotmilk, YOYO, Yo-Yo, YoshiNotYoshi, YoshiPosi, and whatever nicknames we may come up with for you in the future.

Congratulations you’ve won!

What have you won you ask?


Enjoy! =D