8bit Madness!

My project is simple, make as many 8bit characters as possible, my holdup is in Creative Cove
Ive played a chest outside my house (the one with the big mario on it), please place ANY wool or dye you got there :smiley:

Thx for the help ^^

I will help you tommorow if it isn’t finished :stuck_out_tongue:

The Mario/Bowser is kinda finished, ive made both characters, gonna make the “Scenery” tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

How it looks atm

I would have preferred it if you asked first weelie, it’s not really conforming to the “Build within your lot” rule. On the other side of the river would have been prefferable, but I understand it is a lot of work to make it,especially on survival. I will talk to vaio about it.

Yeah, was thinking about it, but when id already build mario on top of my house, wanted to make the “fight” scene before you rescue the princess, but doesnt take long to rebuild him, i got all the wool and stuff, only need to gather some snow blocks, which is easy to get :stuck_out_tongue:

Was also thinking about a “8-bit town” or something, where every structure is from an 8bit game, like the castle in mario, cities in zelda, things like that :stuck_out_tongue:

couldnt an op or admin simply cut an paste his creation to a more suited location/location of his choice away from towns/citys etc?

We have resolved this now, i’ll lock the thread.

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