630.5 days at PCB's service


I decided to do this for 2 reasons, server is down and because I achieved 2 years of PCB playing!

I am currently mod thanks to all the support of all ranks, from member to admin.

I achieved in 2 years

Building Dan City, Avalon, Avalon 2.0, Olympos (No one knows it xD), Luxembourg, Warp Airplane and currently Honk Kong with japso and cavemaker

3 Promotions. Yay! Guest-Member-Trusted-Mod

Getting banned on july 2016

Exploiting a wide range of players from the server in my cities (bamboozled)

Improving modern and european styled buildings

Playing 892 hours (fuck you jasper you have 1 year and you played 1 hour less than me)

Being called mainly Dan and Danto and a variety of nicknames by Waibore (Love you @Wairoa )

Hope I can help PCB more further on the years and get more responsibilities and trust by staff and overall server and hoping to strengthen friendships with players on here soon :slight_smile:

(Btw jasper copied ur template cause it looked cool)

Your least fave mod (Ecks Dee)

-Dan :slight_smile:

congratz boii

im nearly at one year, april.

U succ dan

Bamnoozled again fren i love u rly

  • your neighbourhood b i g g a y
    -aka kyle

thanks pix!

U swallow <3

-b i g g a y
-aka Dandonki

Congrats Dan! :slight_smile:

Lol u succ
Go be a stinky somewhere else.
Plaigarism bad.

-your least fav person on the world

Nah jk dan, congrats on 2 years please do not give me warn am of many sorry.

RePoRtEd <3

Thanks :slight_smile:

I remember helping you sign up, they grow up so fast!

YES and you and Claudia were trusted :’)


i didnt know u were banned, anyways congratz!