5supermario - I don\'t know


Minecraft Username 5supermario

Date of Ban I don’t know
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I don’t know

Reason for Ban "Griefing creative railway"

Reason to be Unbanned I dont remember ever doing this, i got a ban appeal before for something i DID do and got successfully unbanned, i have no idea what this is about

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
19th of July, 2015

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Banned by Clauliflower

You placed random grass and lapis ore blocks on the railway. Since it was minor, I’m willing to unban.

Unbanned, locked.

As an aside, your next ban will remain permanent, as this is the second “minor offence”

idk what his first offense was, and frankly dont care, but we are going to ban people for… 2 blocks?
in creative?
is this a fucking joke?
delete the blocks and move on with your life. this is the dumbest appeal ive ever seen, and if he ever gets banned for something this minor again ill personally unban him. Now, if he was cursing someone out, or placing TNT all over in survival to intentionally grief, i would ban immediatly.

But two blocks? get over yourself. this wasn’t ban worthy at all

Well, Shadow, if you look, this is this persons second ban for the same sort of offence; secondly, it was more than two blocks, so you are grossly mis-informed. Our server rules are quite clear in regards to griefing…it will not be tolerated.

My message was a reminder that three chances is too many, and that any further griefing on the server will not be taken as lightly.

Your dogmatic approach to this situation is rather uncalled for.

To quote @Brodur -
“Show a face of unity, even if you do not get along with your fellow staff members. Always put your “PR face” on to face the public. If you really must argue with them, use the staff chat.”

Please keep it civil guys.