51st State of the Union(?)

Puerto Rico has just voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to become the 51st state in the United States. The American government will have the final say, but it is a real possibility that Puerto Rico will join the US in statehood rather than as a territory.

(The US has owned Puerto Rico as a Territory since 1898)

its also possible that they dont join.

I’d say it’s pretty unlikely to happen given that the turnout was only 23%.

depends on whether congress wants to go through the hassle, especially changing all the flags to a nice even… 51 stars

agreed, referendums like this have happened before- almost always voting to join the Union, but with a horribly low turnout. Same thing went down in 2012


Honestly, I think it would be for the better if Puerto Rico became a state. They’re struggling on their own and I think the extended US support would help. It would take quite a few years, of course, for the process to go through (cause there’s all the legal shit, incorporating Puerto Rico into Congress, etc.) but it’s a step in the right direction IMO.

I love looking at all the crazy old US flags, I dont know most of their names but some are F U N K Y. And yeah, Puerto Rico would be the poorest state in the Union if they joined, and theyre in need of a lot of infrastructure support- something the rest of the 50 need anyway. Another issue is culture, the US and Puerto Rican cultures are very different. Overall, Id like to see them join tbh
(also, the pentagon with the star in the middle of that flag is orgasmic)

Very unlikely to happen - it’s something I don’t see Donald trump doing. Although it’s quite ironic that they own a Teritory abroad that is treated like a colony since the 1800s!

If Puerto Rico did join as a state, I think it’s more likely the flag will be the design below rather than the circular one, purely because it’s more similar to the current flag.


The reason I’ve seen for the low turnout is that groups against Puerto Rico becoming a state instructed their supporters to not vote at all. Even though they’re in the minority, it makes the result look illegitimate because of the low turnout.

I found a better one.