Hello Fellow PCB staff
Today I was playing creative and I try to go back to my /home in creative and it says I have to wait 5 seconds and to not move,
is there any way you can fix it?

I believe this is due to a new tp plugin, I rather liked the immediate teleportation, one of the things I liked about the server. Is this due to us jumping from MC Updates and having to ditch plugins or is this a custom one? If it is custom, could it please be reverted to no wait tp?


EDIT: This is for factions, is there a way to set it for the factions world only? It’s really annoying in creative/survival

EDIT2: Talked to Wai, this is temporary.

All that you say is true, Wai told me Andy will work on it asap

If I remember correctly it is just a setting within essentials, so it shouldn’t be a new plugin. If I had some time I would look into this myself, but at the moment I do not.

Guys, I think wait 5 seconds could be only for factions… Wait 5 seconds when you are just building in creative (for example) is unnecessary…

The tp cooldown is indeed an Essentials setting. It was meant to be for Factions only but I must have set up the permissions incorrectly, sorry. Working on it now