5,000 Dollar Giveaway

5,000 dollars will be awarded to the person who receives the most votes. Post below for a chance to be entered in the upcoming polls.You are allowed to vote for yourself, good luck!

hell, Treetop can use some extra cash. count me in Robin

Count me in… and my sheep army.

I want to Join 2 =D

I’m in. Will it just be voting on someone or is there a reason someone gets a vote, like a beauty pageant.

You just vote for who you want to receive the 5,000 dollars

I like trains.

Sureynot, I like moneiz

I <3 Trains

P.s. Count me in

Or maybe…

Either way…

I’ll assume no voting for yourself.

Sure…why not…

I r broke and could use it to pay some people for a certain job they did…

Count me in.


Why you may ask?
I am opening a PCB Zoo and spawn eggs are expensive!


Lol :smiley:

I’m in… Why?

Maybe to start a new Forsyth on Survival the next time the map is wiped or even maybe on the current one, who knows… Noone pays attention to me on Survival so I’ve been looking around for a place :slight_smile:

[EDIT] Yeah I might need to change my skin here soon, LMAO.

Count me in. I still need funds for mountainside and my other towns. If I had that money I might even re-vamp riverside xD

I wanna be in it lol ^-^

This is a good opportunity to get funding toward my latest special projects ^-^