4th of July: Event

Should we have some sort of parade for our the soldiers who are fighting for our/your country?

Everyone would have some sort of Marine, navy, army, airforce, ect skin on. just to celebrate our freedom.

If not that we should do something to honor the fallen soldiers who died for our/your country.

ill update if i think of more.


Well i may be able to rig up some tnt. >:D Just in case we feel like doing something EXPLOSIVE. :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds like fun, if i am able to join i will. :smiley:

I will represent the thousands of sheep that are sheared every year to make blankets and other things for the armed forces.

sword i thought you dont have minecraft. cant the event be on classic?

i have chaz’s brothers account…

Isn’t remembering fallen soldiers more 11th november? 4th July is Independence Day right? So you Americans can celebrate being not British and leave us Brits to sit and mumble angrily under our breaths about how it all used to be ours <3

(I’m joking, only some Brits do that.)

i said our/your country so brits and all are invited :smiley:

The point ouhai is making is 4th of july has no significance to the British. In fact, it doesn’t have anything to do with the military either… (Apart from the deceleration of independence)

Meh, it’s an excuse to celebrate for most people here. Since I have no fireworks here, I can at least blow up some shit in MC.

Shall we make effigies of things to blow up? Can do in creative I believe. Blow up my head perhaps?



hehe fireworks i aint got any ^.^