3 Years on PCB!


I just had the realization that I have been a part of this server + community for just over 3 years now! It’s a bit late to make a post for exactly the 3 years as I joined in August 13, 2013 ahaha.

Ah well! I just wanted to say I’ve had a great time here the past 3 years and hope to have another 3 years! :slight_smile:

Congrats on 3 years! :slight_smile:

You’re late.

But congrats and all.

Do you mean late as in it’s not August 13th? Ahahah sorry but thankies :wink:

Congrats, David! (:

Congrats! :smiley: many milestones recently!

Congrats David! you passed 30 years frozen on PCB! XD

Here’s the thing:

You were frozen on 1967 (2013) and you were defrosted in 1997 Bc of your celebration of PCB Aniversary XD

Thank you lovelies! ;*

how could you be late to your own birthday Anniversary party? jk

Happy 3 years, David, you were one of the first friends I made on PCB and I’m glad we’ve stayed as friends. Cheers to 3 more!

Congrats, David! Glad that you’re still around. You’re a cool dude.

Congratulations on being here for three years, David. Your actions, in the server, is what makes Project City Build shine. :slight_smile:

Congrats on 3 years David!! =D

  • Queenie xx

Congrats on 3 years Daved!!! =D Thats some real dedication! How to see you for many more years to come! =)

Happy three years! Kinda funny, we both joined on August 13th!

I notice a lot of people join on August-September days. Is PCB something people like to find just before school starts again? Why go to hell twice?

But really, congrats, David! We hope to see you around for another 3 years and then some more :smiley:


Congrats!!! Hope you enjoyed the 3 years

Awhh I didn’t know that? I’m flattered though ahaha, remember that statue :wink: I’m also glad we’re still friends even if we don’t see each other in-game as much as before. Cheers to another 3 years :slight_smile:

Ahah thanks! I am still around but I want to be playing more! Sadly real-life obligations always get in the way ahah :confused: Thanks you’re also v cool :wink:

Awhh that really means so much to hear that! <3 Thank you so much for saying that :slight_smile:

Ahaha I certainly have! A lot has happened + changed in these past 3 years.

that statue did and still does give me nightmares. Its gone for good now, though :wink:

Congrats ;D