24K_Gold - 24rd of December, 2016 (I live in Australia)


Minecraft Username 24K_Gold

Date of Ban 24rd of December, 2016 (I live in Australia)
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Wairoa or Est…?

Reason for Ban "Grief on Pro’s Home."

Reason to be Unbanned SaltedWolf tped me to him when Mawnt didn’t want me too. So anyhow, I explored his house anyway. I was on low health, and I was killed by a baby zombie. I tried to tpa to mawnt many times asking him if I could get my items back, but he continued to say no and he doesn’t care that my items are at risk. I kept asking him, and he finally let me tpa. But when I tpa’d I was in the spawn of another town that I did not know, mawnt was just getting me to tpa away from his house where my items were at. I stressed. He finally let me tpa to his house, From what I remember I broke 3 stone pieces 1 wooden slab and 2 black glass panes. The breaking of those blocks were necessary to get my items back. I told him I wouldn’t fix the damage I had done to him because of how long it took him to actually let me get my items back, and for trolling me and putting me into another spawn.

I also realised I was swearing and please forgive for that.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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You were banned by me.

Well, if you wanna be unbanned how about trying the truth?

Here’s what happened: You were exploring mount’s town, but was killed by mobs, but then, Mount was far away from the point you were killed, so as you were spamming on him to accept, he accepted the tp on the middle of the way to his home (where you died). Then, as your items had despawned you raged and said: ‘As a payback I left some holes on your home’, you almost killed a horse, and if I hadn’t banned you in time you would destroy more blocks. You were rude, you griefed, you lied. If you don’t at least say the truth you are not going to be unbanned anytime soon. Plus from what I heard of the town owners that’s not the first time you got in trouble there, as you kept trolling proethan and mount.

EDIT: what would the fact of you live in Australia change anything?

I destroyed 2 blocks and that was all I wanted to destroy. I got onto his horse to try and jump the fence because my axe was on the other side. I didn’t know Mawnt was half way home either. As for the trolling, well I once bought a house in their town but Proth kept doing damage to me. I thought that was enough and attempted to kill Proth and after that I left the town with my money back. That’s not trolling, at least for me its not. As for me living in Australia, For you Americans I was banned on the 23rd, but as an Australian I was banned at around 2:00 PM on the 24th

You can drop the attitude @24K_Gold .

This is not your first offense, you have been annoying staff and doing things you shouldn’t do. What you did was not right at all. The stories I have been hearing from other players don’t seem to be the same of yours, but, as the incident happened really fast and we couldn’t investigate why was the grief and with story is the most accurate,and there is no way to investigate the ‘trolling’, which apparently was a separated case.You will be temp-banned for two weeks, I hope that will make you rethink your attitude and try not causing trouble with other players anymore, otherwise we will not think twice before permbanning you, if needed.

       I hope your time banned will make of you a better player, enjoy it to rethink your attitude. Unbanning 2 weeks after this post. Locked.

Thank you so much. I’ve been eager to get back to my city and get building. Please tell Busterlef to not start demolishing my buildings.

Your buildings will be ok dont worry

Unbanned. Locked. (sorry, I was a little late because I was traveling, this won’t happen again.)