20³ - aka 8000 Blocks of Potential

 Hello, members of PCB! I've been looking for ways to remain somewhat active while I'm in a bit of a creative dip, so I thought I'd launch a friendly competition! 

 20³ was inspired partially by YouTuber SQRTdude who recently help a similar competition. His focused more on mapmaking and use of command blocks in a 20 by 20 by 20 block space, but my version of the competition will focus more on building and aesthetics.

 So if you couldn't tell, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build something super cool in a 20 by 20 by 20 block space. I have already set up plots at [b]/warp 20cubed[/b], so don't worry about that. The goal, overall, is to have fun and explore building in compact spaces, but there will be a few criterion you should be aware of.

1. Stay within your borders. At the contest warp, you will be greeted by small, quartz cubes. Anything within these cubes, as well as the cube itself, is fair game. The layer of black glass at the floor is the bottom layer of your build. You may not put ANYTHING outside of the borders of the quartz cube, or your build will be disqualified. You may, of course, delete the quartz cube.

 2. [b]No obscene, offensive, or troll builds. [/b]This competition is meant to be lighthearted and fun, but there are always limits. If you think any of this stuff is funny, go back to 4th grade. The only things that can push these boundaries are dank memes. (Rule 2.5: Don't be a memestealer.)

 3. [b]Be unique and creative.[/b] This competition is meant for experimentation. Take some risks. Try some things you may not have tried before. You have 8000 blocks to work with in your build. Make every single one of them count. I will log any builds that are too similar to each other and disqualify any copiers. If you see someone going for a similar idea, try and modify your plan to fit something else. 

[size=small] 4. Don’t build a rectangle. And if you really have to, make it the best god damn rectangle in Minecraft.
[size=small] 5. If you are making anything redstone-related (which is totally allowed), don’t make it a lagfest. 'Nuff said.
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif] When your plot is being judged, I will evaluate it based on 4 different attributes.

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Effort - The amount of work you put in to the plot, and how much it shows.
Creativity - How well you used the tools that you were given.
Design - Whether or not the plot looks good and functions well.
Accomplishment - If your plot is meant to be a house, make sure it looks like one. For redstone and technical plots, make sure it works.

First Place - $1000 in-game money and a forum badge
Second Place - $500 in-game money and a forum badge
Third Place - $250 in-game money and a forum badge
Participation - forum badge


  • GTA San Andreas
  • Saints Row 4 (GOTC Edition)
  • Rome Total War Collection

If you wish to participate, say so below, go to /warp 20cubed, claim a plot, and start building.
For any further questions, you can put them here, or send them to me privately in-game or through the forums.
I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

updated. enjoy.

I see that this was directed at me, and likely Octo. :wink:

When will the judging begin and is there any dead line to when all the builds must me in by?

Very neat idea for an event! Can’t wait to see what some of you guys are going to build.

Also Ferf as Katy pointed out, make sure there is a proper deadline. If not perhaps when all available plots are unavailable if it comes to it

This idea is neat, Mr Ferf. I will join in the contest for the best build in a 20x20x20 cube, or an 8,000 block cube.

So this can be anything from pixel art, to a house, to a redstone computer?

awww i wanna join in

Challenge Accepted.

This is a great idea Ferf!

Let me know if you need another judge, otherwise I’ll be competing :slight_smile:

I’ve claimed a plot beside you Ferf, participating.

I apologize for not including that. You must have claimed a plot by May 29th, and judging will commence on June 19th. If 24 people or less have signed up, you may claim a second plot and prepare a second entry.

Of course! You can build anything you want as long as it fits in a 20x20x20 space. Just remember that it has to serve its purpose and look good, regardless of whether it’s a complex redstone contraption or a dirt-simple house.

Given your situation, if you’d like to participate, you can make something up in single player and send me a video or screenshots. You’re an excellent builder and I’d love to see how you’d do this!

Yay Inclusiveness ^-^ and i accept

[move] 8)IM PARTICIPATING 8)[/move]

I’d love to participate!

[move]8)IM PARTICIPATING 8)[/move]

Prizes changed to:

1st : $1000
2nd : $500
3rd : $250

added games to prizes (thanks, Ruby)