2 Changes to Marketplace

  1. Make a minecart tram for easy traveling.
    2.Expand the Marketpalce and lower the startup price for the shop.

Have you seen how big the market is? It can’t be full already o.O

“Technically” there is no price to start up a shop. And the market isn’t full enough to need a tram yet…

Just have spec add a few speed beacons.

The market isn’t that big just yet, but Anima has a good suggestion for adding speed beacons.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s still not finished yet. So it’s already being expanded. There is no price for starting or owning a shop. You pay a temporary 100 dollars to set up a shop chest. You get your 100 dollars back when you remove your shop. This is our way of preventing abuse and to ensure people vote for our server.

I’m sure we’ll see speed beacons added, but other then that the rest of your suggestions are denied.

  1. I will put speed beacons around the place. It really doesn’t take that long to walk around the market at the moment though.

  2. There are over 100+ spaces for shops. The market isn’t even a 1/3rd full yet, so we won’t run out of space for a very long time.