13w17a Release on the test server.

I have updated the test server to the 13w17a snapshot. It is a vanilla server so there are no plugins. Here is the catch: it is running as a hardcore server. If you die you will be banned from the test server. Be careful!

I have a feeling that there will be some people decked out in armor and just murder everyone >.>

Is it a permanent ban?
Does this mean griefing is allowed?

It is a ban until we update that server to a Bukkit build. And griefing is not allowed. You may kill each other though.

lmao. ok. thanks Spec. cant wait to wrangle me some ponies

Where are the snapshots released?

just google it, save the minecraft.jar file, and replace it with your current one, making sure to keep the other.jar file on your desktop

So… staff dies, staff can no longer staff? O.o

There it’s no spooo---- I mean staff. ::slight_smile:

I’d hope staff can be exempt from being banned. Hopping on to moderate the place, get killed, then be banned would really make it hard for us to do our jobs.

Hmm…I suppose i shouldnt go on until most are banned/killed…

Although, You said banned…Is that for the main server as well?

If so, I will make a pretty hilarious post on that xD

Perhaps staff can be unbanned manually or after a 24 hour delay? I like the idea that all are equal there, but if we wish to prevent griefing, we will need staff there.

It is either have some way for staff to be unbanned, or we allow anything there.

i go along with swords post if your killed/banned are you banned on the main serve also if so i will not go on the test sever till most have died/got banned

I guess I have to watch out lol

I like your idea of the manually unban after the 24 hour delay. Although one problem, Those killed players will come back. It would make the weaker bunch impossible to find and get any resources and survive for over a day.

Also spawn camping. That may also happen

i highly doubt Spawn Camping would happen, who the hell is going to sit in the wilderness at a lake ALL day, just to be a dick. That, and i live right outside of spawn, if i see anyone camping, ill be sure to kill em myself.

I hate campers. There really bad in COD.

Well the way it is right now, it is only a test server. As it is running as a vanilla server, there is no way to monitor players, or prevent griefing so staff do not have any means to act as staff. Plus I want staff to fear death for a change!

So… its a free for all?

We did pretty well on the last test server before we installed bukkit :stuck_out_tongue: Invisi pots and creative xD