100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

quick poll - which would you rather fight: a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck

very important for research

“One horse-sized duck. The cube-square law means that the legs of a horse-sized duck probably wouldn’t be structurally sound. Easy fight.” -CGP Grey

although that is well and true (this law also applies to Godzilla, his legs would snap if he came out of the water), but duck sized horses would make easier targets. Horses wield the ability to kick very powerfully when full sized, but if they were smaller they would be much weaker. Just like, kick them or something and theyll run off.
definately voting for 100 duck sized horses.

EDIT: are we allowed to use weapons?

Neither because I could never hurt an animal <3

I went with 100 horse-size ducks cause the total mass of all those little horses would be a lot less than the big duck (assuming “a horse-size duck” means a duck with the same mass as a horse).

I’d also like to add that ducks can be very violent and territorial while horses are generally docile and peaceful

But 100 of those fuckers at once? You would get overrun pretty quickly and horses have a pretty nasty bite and kick

But scale those bites and kicks down to duck-size and suddenly they’re not so bad. Shouldn’t be too hard to just stomp on em if they get too close.

I like horses for how they resemble in character to a dog. I wouldn’t intentionally hurt a living animal, so I say neither. But, if I had no choice, I’d say to fight one horse sized duck.

If you fight like the french it will not matter you will loose anyways, but what kind of “research” are you doing?

important research