1 Year PCB-aversary

Hey everyone!
So the 25th was my first PCB-aversary (wooooo).

I just wanted to shout out a few people:

First, to @jahbrenpanvilla . You were the first person on the server to offer me help when I joined, even though you were only a member. We started a city together, that lasted a few months before the creative reset, and it was okay I guess (wooooo, jahvrapolis) xD

Second, to @koalamama . You introduced shy me to other players on TS, where I sat silently until you got me involved and nick named me cheese (cheeseball). Thanks for bringing me out of my shell :slight_smile:

Third, to @Amphitryon for putting me up for trusted, even though you don’t come on as much anymore, you’re still one of my fave OP’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Fourth to @Wairoa for doing my menial jobs e.g. building roads, doing w/e for me when I wasn’t staff, listening to my incessant complaining. ily bae.

Lastly to all others I haven’t specifically mentioned, thanks for making PCB great and allowing me to contribute to PCB. I hope I can help to grow the server and community over the years to come.

Peace out and somebody have some celebratory cake for me plz

K, bye!

Happy (belated) 1 year, its been great, cheers to 100 more!

I accidently ate all the cake, oops…


Happy 1 year!! :smiley:

Happy cake day!

[size=24pt]GUJAB, BUDDY <3

Hep Enivers BB

love you too, here’s to another year of your antics <3

Damn, Mann. It’s only been a year? It feels like you’ve been around for sooo much longer. You’re an amazing staff member and you’ve done so many amazing things for this server and this community. I could’ve sworn you’ve been here for ages. Regardless, congrats on a year, and thanks for being a great staff and a great friend.

No mention no comment :wink:


Happy 1 year anniversary!

Happy anniversary! :smiley:

Happy 1 year! :smiley: thanks for the tons of w/es xD

Happy First PCBirthday!

Twan, where have you been lately? Did you die? Plz come backkkk :’(

Always time for some good tomfoolery, aye @Wairoa @PrinceMark xD

Happy 1st Anniversary Mann! <3

Congratulations on one year!!! =D

haha you’re very welcome. imagine if I hadn’t come up with that nickname!!