1 Year on PCB!

Yes, it is almost upon me. My 1 year anniversary on Project City Build. This is just an amazing server, the staff are great, the members are great, the cities are amazing. I’ve seen a map reset, an upgrade, I’ve seen great hardships. But I’ve, no, we all pulled through. Thank you all for the fun we’ve had!

Glad you’ve enjoyed the server. Stick around, we’re not going anywhere.

I plan to.


January 14, 2016 will be my one year PCBVersary. Earned trusted in June of 2015.

I hope to earn trusted the exact date of my 1 year, December 9th, 2015.

April 2016 will be my… 5 year…
God I’m old.

End of the month is my 5 year from an in-game persepctive.

What have I done with my life?

I get the feeling that this thread is about to turn into all of the staff moaning about how long they’ve been on the server for…
(Not that there is much to moan about)

Oh, and congrats @Rogue_Plays !

My 4 year was 3 months ago…
I’m old as dirt.

My 2-year is coming around in May.

Got my one year two months ago exactly.


April 21st is my own five year yo.

Fili, John, and I all joined in the same week!

Wish we could turn back time…

… To the good old daaaaaaaaays.