1 year in PCB

Well I’m slightly late but on the 5th March it was my 1 Year Anniversary!

When I first logged on i never knew how much time I would invest in this server but now I’m glad that i have. I have made so many friends in this time such as @EstevaoBuilder @CallumW25 @Vexnorz and many more

I know one year is nothing compared to a lot of you but I am still proud of this xD

Anyway thx again PCB you sexy beasts

drops mic

congrats!!! cheers to many more

Congratulations hywel!! =D Hope you have an amazing many more!!

Congratz, hywel,I always knew you would make it to this PCB age. Let’s celebrate not just this first one, but for some more decades here! You are an awesome builder, and a good friend.

Oh SHIT. I AM 1 YEAR OLD TOO. I was first seen on PCB on january :D. Rip Dantosky’s memory.

Gratz Hywel <3

Ayyyy congrats brudda - honestly great guy and bro you seriously look the guy out of the guardian tho xD

Congrats Dubtrack-buddy!

Congrats Hywel and Dan on your first anniversary on PCB. A lot has happened in just one year with you guys.