1.8 Skins!

So yesterday I found out that 1.8 will allow users an aditional second layer to the body of our skins! (Just like hats) The main reason I’m making a thread is because it took me ages to find an online editor that lets you create 1.8 skins. Currently theres only one website that allows you to do so. So if you wanna get an early start on your 1.8 skin the links below! You’re welcome and have a jolly good day my fine Sirs! :wink:

My Skin:

1.8 Online Skin Editor:

Ah ha! So you can download it? What are ya gonna do when everyone is HitmanNam?

Seriously, this is cool. I don’t think I will make my own, but I will look for cool creations others make.

I already have 2 layers though.

my “head” is actually a hat and underneath that i have hair…

Same, gonna have to edit my skin so my rags hang out over my bones and grey matter >.<

Heres my final product with the shading :smiley:

A nice feature to have new to Minecraft! :smiley: