[1.8 Creative] Port Royal

Hello! I’m starting a city in 1.8 Creative! What a surprise! Another set of these rules can be found at the warp once the town hall has been built.

N O T E: Port Royal will be built using Yazur’s Lapiz Point texture pack [1.7.10] It is compatible with 1.8, but does not include new blocks. There is a 1.8 version out, but it’s horrible. 'Nuff said. Link for download is below.


Port Royal

Port Royal will be based off of late 1800s-early 1900s American and British architecture, but will be set in the present day with a downtown area as well. Some inspiration for the city came from:

Georgetown in Washington D.C

Downtown Aspen, CO (in the summer, no snow lol)

Bigger streets of Zürich, Switzerland

The dept. stores and western architecture of Tokyo, Japan

and Brooklyn, NY

How is the town layed out?

The town will be on a man-made river delta. There will be an oceanfront section as well as a riverwalk area lined with restaurants and shops. Further inland will be a freeway connection and a CBD (central business district) with newer skyscrapers and apartment complexes. In addition, Port Royal will also live up to its name with a large port and naval base. A fish market will also be located around the port area.

What are the restrictions, if any, on building?

Port Royal will have very strict building restrictions and regulations. Failure to adhere to these will result in your building demolished or a ban depending on the cause of the build (accident or grief).

Building is is to be by invitation or application only (please see the building application below)
Addition to our build team (unlimited builds without request) is by invitation only

Port Royal will also have strictly enforced zoning laws. Failure to adhere to these will result in your building demolished.

Commercial Zoning Codes

Low-density commercial
1-3 story buildings in 1800s-1900s architecture. Build at the scale of others around you.

Medium-density commercial
3-5 story buildings in 1800s-2000s architecture (depending on surroundings). Build at the scale of others around you.

High-density commercial
5 story buildings up. Usually meant for skyscrapers. Build at the scale of others around you.

Residential Zoning Codes

1-3 story houses/townhouses. Will be specified on plot. Build at the scale of others around you.

Any other type of residential building. Please specify with owners before beginning. Build at the scale of others around you.

Who is building this?

Currently, the project is led by


Our build team is comprised of


[li]Special mention to odiousderp because I forgot him. (yet again :-X)

Building will commence July 10th. Building has commenced!


Can I join?

Holy crap! Its the 5th already! :stuck_out_tongue:
Only 5 more days before I get to start on this and my project :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


The Port Royal is the hotel I go to for vacation in Wildwood, N.J. What a coincidence!

@BroodingSet ;D LOL\

@LordErikir Let’s talk on the server sometime!

I’ll help out here too as well, planning a similar town circa the same period anyway.

Awesome! Was planning on asking you to! @Willink2


The train station is finished! Probably our most time-consuming and detailed building to date! @KelzioAuditore built an astounding building and platform shelter and I had the help of Javi, PurpleBayTree, and many others on the underground platforms. As always, all buildings are built in Yazur’s 1.7 Lapiz Point Pack, which you can find here resourcepack.net/lapiz-point-resource-pack/. Thanks to all of those who helped! Here are some photos.


ayyyyy #macbuds @Amphitryon


It looks amazing so far. Great work! I am excited to see it grow

Better keep up with this because it’s awesome, I’ll help you whenever you need it

I wish I could help :stuck_out_tongue: Good to see that you guys are starting a large scale city though

Thanks! We’re trying hard to make Port Royal more planned than my previous cities :slight_smile:

Rebuild those “Italian Towers” ;D


I added a new page on my website for the city, so everything will soon be there. Check it out in the meantime… http://www.amphitryon.co/port-royal.html

wait you have a website

i need a website

It’s not for PCB, for other stuff (photography + music)


https://iamoctopus.co - SNAP!


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