[1.8 Creative] New Bayside Proposal

New Bayside Council has a new proposal to the structuring of Bayside’s Building.


Sorta looks like a swastika, but that’s just me. Plus, having north to south and east to west highways would take up a lot of land. I would only do east to west. But that’s just my opinion :smiley: -Jm

That last bit of highway just floating over the water would render the whole bay you guys are on completely unusable, seeing as you plan on building a highway right over the only outlet to the sea. I know the original Bayside had the same badly placed highway that cut a sea in half going south, even though there were massive cargo ships who despite being in dock simply couldn’t go anywhere.

Suggestion: Bridge.

Just build it high enough, it isn’t that difficult.

They’re not highways, their Major Roads.

Alright, and continuing what you guys were talking about the outlet to the sea, once I come back, I can make some pretty good bridges (The Byrde Bridge being my best (Byrde Bride, Elton))

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