1.8 and lag issues

Hey, If anyone with the ability to tp sees me join the server, please tp me to you. I am experiencing very large lag, and tping seems to help sometimes, but i dont have the fps to see what im typing while experiencing that lag

Like I said earlier the 1.8 demo sever is filled with corrupted chunks that cause tons of lag. Just walk one direction and eventually you will come out of them.

you do not understand at all do you? I CANT WALK, i have 0.5 FPS and i have internet lag on top of that.

indeed basically your boxed in at spawn. if you walk every direction you will hit a laggy chunk and be stuck unless someone tp’s you out.

Oh sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I could fly out with my flymod.

but not for long, you will get stuck

Sorry to hear about the lag. But Bukkit 1.8 is nearly here, and when it does release (a stable version), we will wipe the new server and change it to creative mode. The current 1.7.3 server will stay as a SMP server for 1.8

That’s interesting to hear and exactly what I was hoping for… so how is this going to work? I have a few questions will post elsewhere.

We are still getting a new map aren’t we? Will the IP stay the same?