when 1.7 comes out will there be a map reset?

i have a suggestion if you admins are thinking of doing so. rather than having a full reset like a few months ago we generate a new 1.7 world with new biomes etc but allow player to transfer items/money to the new map and keep the old map active like before the recent update. With just donating another $20 i would not be happy if i loose all my money/ items again

i look forward to hearing responses

I totally agree with Matty with this thing… Resetting the map is obligatory at least for the survival server in order to bring the new biomes into it. But since there has been many donators and the economy has started to grow throughout the server I would think that at least bringing the money to the new map would be convenient.

We have done transfer of items/buildings before which was a disaster - took too much time. I am sure we could transfer money at the bare minimum.

*My opinion not that of staff.

chances are, what will happen, is instead of making a new map which is a major pain in the ass, we will select biomes that are not being used or have very little use, and regenerating them with a new biome type.

We need a new map its a complete generation change

Actually- the whole biome generation engine has been rewritten for 1.7, We definetly need a new map, but I honestly do not think previous map’s transferr’s were a disaster, that’s an exaggeration. Transferring the community’s work is well worth the time and effort that it takes…
Build transferrs, yes please!

Well we would need more people with world edit for that. And it would still take forever as copying can crash the server. Believe me we did it before :wink:

Well, whatever the hell is happening, don’t go round taking all the hardened clay. Nobody likes big empty biomes.

or raiding all the temples/villages

Believe me, I was there Ka :wink:

I have to disagree. Its a lot of work for those who have world edit. I didn’t do much of it last time, but I did enough to get sick of it. When a map resets it lets people start on new things rather than having the old stuff, not feeling like working on it, but not wanting to start again as they’ve already done stuff. That’s how it for me anyway. We see a lot more ideas appearing with a map reset too. Most of the build transfers just sit there looking nice without much purpose.

I think you allowed people take what they wanted from the older server, it would be fine. No building transfers, but people can take their items, money, ect. If they want to take down their 1.6.2 building to rebuild it in 1.7 go right ahead…but I think w.e. for such a new map wouldn’t be worth it.

honestly, if we do a map change, I’d like to say you can bring whatever fits in your inventory and your money. But we will likely get complaints.

Although if we have a map change I refuse to copy builds over. It takes far too much time and effort and half the fun of this game is starting again.

This will take a while so we will move this Discussion till when it IS TIME!
No use talking about it now this can take a while.

You mean you only get 1 inventory full work of stuff? Or do you mean you can go back/forth to get more?

I’m locking this because this discussion will lead to nothing. When or If the map will change and what rules will follow will be discussed with the staff.

Please wait till we know.

There is no use in spreading rumors and now u can play all you like instead of getting scared of what the future shows.

Just have fun now =)

Unlocking… there is no reason to lock this… it’s a harmless discussion.

I agree, shouldn’t the community be involved in this as well? I’m not saying the staff don’t do as much, but the majority of the people building and putting work into the server would be The trusted / Member / Donators.

The 1.7 update will most likely be a new map for survival. We’ll let people transfer items across plus keep their money.

YAY! Exactly what I wanted :smiley: