1.7 Transfer Module has Arrived

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The item transfer module that was loaded up back during the 1.7 Beta map has recently crashed into the ocean. It has arrived with all your items safe and intact. Visit /warp module and dive down to the bedrock layer and explore the ruins.

Chests have been relocked; if you cannot access your items please let _andy or _specialk know and we will unlock the chest for you. There are no build rights in this area.

Great! Can’t wait to move my stuff over!

Except at the time I wanted to start from scratch… so… no items. Oh well! xD

Nice! I’m amazed the module survived the dimensional shift AND crash impact. Good thing there was lots of water to break the fall!

Hey, I made it with strength in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, turns out I did store some tools! YAY! :smiley:

woot, now when i eventually come back i can start anew! did anyone feed the dogs while i ways away…
i better not find a stack of bones and poop when i get back ;D

Hey is the module still there? because I’m coming on later this week when my desktop comes in. Should be here in the next 2-3 days!

Yes! It is still around. :smiley: YOUR COMING BACK xD

yeah, parts are in for computer and IT guy is fixing soon ;D

unban me pleeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee appeals arnt working

Unbanned, please use the correct board next time.

You unbanned him because of:


What the…? ^

Thank you for unbanning me if you did, cant check casue the server is down

This is very much the wrong board for this. Hmm, I figure I should mention that he was banned for falsely claiming to have donated to PCB. These “donations” came in at the same time as thePunter’s false claim, so it seemed too suspicious to let him and one other to stay.

If we resolve the donation issue, aka it was not fake and we were at fault, then we will unban with an in-game bonus.

I wish i was here for the transfer it sounded really good.

Unrelated, but am I the only person getting this post in my recent unread topics list, saying jonnyboyzz posted, but then the last post is this: ?

Liam, your post is not showing either. I wonder if this one will. Odd glitch.

Edit: Mine showed up, but Liam’s is AFK it seems. This is not a double post despite appearances.