1.7 is coming out this Friday!! Get your last minute transfer items from BUY 'n SELL asap!!! Pods will be open soon, but there is no exact date yet!! We will sell out of most if not ALL items. Don’t be left behind, get what you need now!!! DON’T DELAY!!

Erm… Ferrari you do realize that we are going to have to wait until a stable version of bukkit is made and all the other plugins are updated. So we’re going to have to wait for a while. So no need for any kind of rush yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile Volterra is engulfed with flames.

Can someone post a screenshot of volterra?

cough* the important word is “if the pre-release goes well”

Calm down ferr! I know you’re supermegahappyfuntimeexcited for 1.7, but it’ll take bukkit at least a few weeks to update. So really, you should calm down, cos everything’s gunna be carrying on as normal for a while.

Yet again we sit and wait.