1.7.3 World Download

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As promised previously, below is a link to download our entire 1.7.3 world prior to the 1.8 map switch.


In case anyone has forgotten, the 1.7.3 map is our original and first map that contains our original spawn and Sandy Point. The file is hosted on Dropbox as our web server cannot cope well with the size/bandwidth requirements necessary (it’s 853.93MB).

Yay! Thanks Andy! :smiley:


(please tell me its from the last world save xD)

Hell yeah!

Oh the memories :smiley:

its not the newest map ;( but its still fucking amazing, thankyou andy

Very cool, cant wait to come back and see it again :smiley:

Sigh the good ole days. Thank you andy for releasing it.


Memories, make me want to go back there, back then! Absolutely LOVE you _Andy for putting this up! Thanks!

I have one thing to say:


did anyone else have the problem that it took 1 hour to download?

It’s going to take me 3 hours…

Not sure if Dropbox has a speed cap or not, but 3 hours would be normal for my download speed :stuck_out_tongue:

took me 5 miutes :o

Where is Big City?!?!?!?!

Really REALLY far away, dont know exactly I’m still trying to find everything too. Its kinda cool actually :smiley:

Unbelievably far away. It took 10 minutes to even fly there from spawn

Best way to find it is to do a render of the map and just follow it as a guide (it should be to the very left of the map)

awesome sauce! i wasn’t here for that but i can’t wait to check it out =D

Salmon St! Gts Gts!

It’s a pity we don’t have the original paradise falls there… i loved that valley, it was too epic.