1.6.6 herobrine removed?

the date of this is 5/31/2011 and i was looking at the things that notch added he did some things with boats bonemeal glowstone and some other stuff but the very last thing was herobrine removed you can view this off the minecraft website so is this a joke or did he really exsits (in the game form) for people who do not know who herobrine is go to youtube and serach something like herobine in minecraft (warning may get alot of screamer videos) if we are not allowed to post about herobrine please forgive i dont know

I was wondering that too. I was like TF?! IT WAS ACTUALLY IN THE GAME?! xD
Im assuming he added it in one of the 1.6 patches as a joke.

It was a joke. The wiki says: ‘Herobrine removed (Practical joke by Notch)’

I always thought it was some kind of rare weed


well ty ouhai for telling me i was wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Typical of Notch to screw around with updates. Like the April’s fools one.

what did he do in the april fools?

locked chests, kind of like chests in [email protected] it rought you to some website, freakin hilarious

On top of that, if you tried to purchase something for over $10,000, the background of the website started changing colors at a seizure-inducing rate, pretty hilarious.

I always thought Herobrine was a beautiful and magestic pheonix, watching over us like a fine and saucy lady. Then it would sneak up on you and MURDER YOU IN GAME! OOOOOH MY GOD! OH THE PAIN, OH THE HUMANITY! OH THIS IS SO WRONG! NOOOOOOOOOO - and then your dead.


I just realized…
I have no idea what to post :frowning:

aww, poor Italian.

I hadn’t even heard of Herobrine until that update post.

Plus, unless Notch said it was a joke or if they found the files in the update, I wouldn’t trust a wiki website.