[size=12pt]Hello again! I wanted to discuss my plans and ideas for Tybalt City, which I will be creating on the 1.6 map coming in the near future. I know I have made a post about my plans for the new tybalt, but that was several months ago, and lots of things have changed since then. I made a prototype for Tybalts new warp/spawn, and here’s what I came up with!

[size=12pt]There will also be another pathway connecting all four of the pathways that are exiting the circle, and that pathway will be circling around the… circle. The pathways will be created first, before anything else. I am hoping to have this city in a rather flat (and large) biome, with (I’m hoping I can even find) extreme mountains surrounding at least some of the area. I will try to make the paths look a lot more natural and flowing with the landscape than the previous tybalt, as well. I’ve said all of the other cool features this city will have in my previous post about tybalt so you can check that one out as well if you’re interested! thanks :slight_smile: I just felt like sharing this because I have been eagerly awaiting the new map and thinking over my plans every single day >.<

Anybody have suggestions for the new tybalt? Also, the layout will be similar to the openness of farcoast if that gives you a little bit more of an idea.

Honestly it sounds like you have a very clear idea of what you want. I’m looking forward to it =)

What i was gonna say…

And Tybalt city? Is this city any way connected to romeo and juliet? o:

I got the idea on the old map for the name Tybalt after I finished reading the Romeo X Juliet manga. I felt like it was a strong sounding name, and easy to remember.

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