1.4.6 is out!

We can now celebrate with legal fireworks!

And a reminder to not be a Derp like Crass and keep an old version handy for the server til Bukkit updates. :frowning:

Me durp like Crass. :o

I derped the last update O>O

I updated already lol…

I updated, i backed up my 1.4.5 minecraft jar…i think, and i dont know how to play back in 1.4.5 to play on the server! I derped up really bad!!!

if you have minecraft on another computer you can use that minecraft.jar file or if i can i can give some people the .jar file and hope to high hell it works for them and yes i did this too >.<

You are not allowed to give people .jars to be clear.

o. hmm well thats sad :frowning:

The best way to backdate, is to use [glow=red,2,300]MCNostalgia[/glow]