1.2 Released!

1.2 is here!

If you want to continue playing on the server, do not update the game or you can make a copy of your 1.1 jar file and switch whenever you want to play. Bukkit should be updated within a week or two… or three… or four…

Heres all the changes:


Have fun!

I alredy updated. :-\

Be nice if bukkit updates in a week or so, at least before my spring break starts. I was planning on having it go public after spring break.

Same myth

same. so just wondering, where will all the saved creations go and our pod items… how will all this go down? (btw post number 100) =D

YAY FINALLY JUNGLE BIOMES!!! :smiley: Finally I can make that jungle town… When the server updates that is.

Well glad it is here. Been losing money since like Jan on stockpiling KT INC food. I shall not update until Bukkit doth!

1.2.1 Changelog:

Bug fixes
    Removed portal/water flow/crafting bench item duplication bug
    Mob Spawners show the right mob in SMP now
    Redstone dust can be placed on glowstone again
    Mobs' legs now are hittable in SMP at all times - Jebplanation
    Wheat doesn't deplete anymore when used for breeding in Creative mode
    Fixed lava lakes generating over bedrock
    You can now put out fire without destroying an extra block in Creative
    Ambience works in SMP now

Updated launcher
    Put in new logo
    Should properly select 64 bit Java installations on Mac OS X

Removed Herobrine

XP is now unlimited in Creative mode

Black hitbox lines on blocks turn off with the HUD when pressing F1 now

Dispensers will place mobs instead of releasing the spawner egg

Glass can't be picked up using Silk Touch enchanted gear anymore

New values in F3 overlay
    lc = highest section height
    b = biome
    rl = raw brightness
    sl = sky brightness
    bl = block brightness

Dead Bush can be collected with shears now

Vines now are climbable if they have a block behind them

Lava has a new sound

SMP light calculations are done by the client now

Added slight delay between death and the death screen

Sky color now changes with biome

Torches and redstone torches can now be placed on top of glass

Added support for folder-based texture packs

Updated language files
    Added at least one language
    Removed a few profanities
    Fixed typos

New world file format called Anvil
    Doubled world height
    Current maps will be converted and get 128 air blocks on top
    Biomes are saved with the map now

World Generation:

Abandoned Mineshafts now bridge over ravines
Sandstone wells in deserts
Added jungle biome


All mobs:
    Improved path finding
    Better movement in water

Added Ocelot, a new jungle-specific mob
    Sprint most of the time
    Don't take fall damage
    Turn into cats when tamed with fish
    Cats can be told to stay by sitting

Added Iron Golem to defend the villagers
    Craftable similar to the way Snow golems are crafted - Screenshot
    Easily attacks and kills all hostile overworld mobs except creepers and slimes by throwing them in the air
    Walks slowly, swaying from side to side
    Sounds mechanical
    Picks up roses - Screenshot and offers them to villagers
    Has 50 hearts of health
    Drops iron ingots and roses on death
    Respawns if 15 villagers are nearby
    Can't swim
    Doesn't take fall damage
    "It's the moss covered guardian from Laputa: Castle in the sky"

    They open and close doors
    They will detect village houses and live in them
    They rush inside their houses at night or rain and leave afterwards
    They will socialize with each other
    They run away from mobs
    They will produce baby villagers after falling in love with each other
    They will repopulate villages based on how many houses there are available
    Children play tag

    They can now be bred when tamed

    They will break down wooden doors on hard difficulty and knock on other difficulties.
    They are hostile towards villagers
    When killed by the player, they rarely drop iron ingots, iron swords, iron shovels and iron helmets
    They seldomly mass-attack villages

    They try to avoid sunlight
    When killed by the player, they rarely drop bows with a chance to be enchanted

    They are afraid of ocelots and cats now
    When killed by the player, they rarely drop iron helmets
    They will stare and wait for you to move after trying to reach you and running away a few times

Zombie Pigmen:
    When killed by the player, they rarely drop golden swords with a chance to be enchanted, golden helmets and gold ingots

Blocks & Items:

Added Redstone Lamp, a redstone-controlled light source
    Acts as a full block
    Crafted by surrounding a block of glowstone with 4 redstone dust

Added new Stone Brick in Creative mode

Added upside-down stairs

Added upside-down half slabs
    Changed crafting recipe to produce 6 slabs instead of 3

Added an experience item to creative mode
    Can be shot using dispensers

Added Fire Ball
    Sets stuff on fire, just like Flint & Steel
    Can be shot using dispensers
    Craftable with coal, blaze powder and gunpowder

Changed textures for dispensers and saplings

Added tree and leaf type for jungles

Added Jungle tree saplings
    Placing them in a 2x2 grid and bonemeal'ing one of them produces a huge jungle tree

Doors have been changed to properly detect if they are open or closed - Jebplanation
    Double doors in old maps need to be updated
    Now double doors only require the most basic redstone knowledge

    Changed crafting recipe to produce 3 ladders instead of 2
    Regained their collision box</blockquote>

Can i help??? Sounds Like a Pretty good idea!!

YES you can dfirby :smiley: Treehouse Town! XD

Now a nother vesion came is that gonna take double time to update?

another? what do you mean?

[size=12pt]I think he meant the .3 in the current version 1.2.3, but no I don’t believe the extra .3 will add time, the minor "."s are either bug fixes or minor tweaks.

Big text is big ^

^thanks captain obvious ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: