1.10 Snapshots

So, 1.10 is happening and it’s looking pretty feature packed. (I know we’re still on 1.8, but 1.9 will be here Soon™)

Mojang Post | Reddit Summary by /u/redstonehelper

Octo’s Exciting TL;DR

A new zombie type: Husks. They spawn in deserts, don’t burn in the day and give you 13s of hunger when they attack. Picture.

A new skeleton type: Strays. They shoot slowness potion arrows, and drop one on death. Picture.

Bone blocks: Different textures depending on which way they face. Crafted from/into 9 bonemeal. Picture.

Villages are less stupid: They now make bridges and are more integrated into the environment. Picture.

POLAR BEARS!!! The cubs are peaceful, adults are neutral unless there’s a cub nearby. Picture.

Endermen now spawn in the nether.

Magma block. Does damage when stood upon. Does… something… probably. Picture.

Two types of block made from nether wart. They’re purely for decoration and can only be crafted. Picture.

New fossil structure. Is buried under the ground, here’s what it looks like when it’s dug up.

Pocket Edition auto-jump has been added and enabled by default, but can be turned off. It causes you to automatically jump when you run into a jumpable obstruction.


ALSO, quick PSA. Minecraft’s pricing is changing in some regions on May 23rd. If there isn’t an old price, it means the game wasn’t previously available in that currency.

Those fossils are made of bone blocks, right?

yes indeed!

I had seen this Viedo which sums up the snapshot perty well in my opinion…

I like Xisuma better for snapshots and technical stuff. Xisuma is pretty much the Tom Scott of Minecraft.


[size=8pt]There are actual polar bears.

wait, so, this is only if you didn’t have Minecraft before correct?

Correct. People who already have the game won’t be affected.