1.0's cycle of pain- why I'm gonna be gone, and why it sucks

Well, I am now on 1.0, meaning I can’t be with you guys yet. However, I have something to say not only about you guys, but also the huge amount of people not upgrading due to Bukkit not being for 1.0 yet. What I have to say is, in short form, EVERYONE IN THE CYCLE IS BEING WUSSES. Here, let me explain.


[ul][li]Isn’t giving the people over on the Bukkit team the code for updates[/li]
[li]Is making all the modders work harder than normal[/li][/ul]

Basically, he is too much of a wuss to give modders code, since right now modders have to go through all the code when they see that Minecraft updated.

[ul][li]Won’t just ask Notch for the code[/li]
[li]Are letting down the server owners by being wusses[/li][/ul]

All the people over at Bukkit should try to ask Notch for the code if they can, and not make all the server owners wusses.
[b]Server Owners[b]

[ul][li]Refuse to update[/li]
[li]Can’t just go a few days without the precious economy plugin that doesn’t work properly at all yet[/li][/ul]

Seriously, not just on you guys, but on most Bukkit servers- don’t be afraid to go a bit without plugins, and instead, let everyone update and not stay behind just for your server while I go and slay the Enderdragon.

Notch does give code to Bukkit. It’s just obfuscated. There’s always a lot of discussion over the Minecraft API. I believe it ended up being that he didn’t feel it as necessary to develop an API when such a good one as Bukkit’s already existed. He can’t just stop developing the game because people make their own modifications.

The Bukkit team already get Minecraft’s code WAY ahead of everyone else so that they can work on their RB asap. The only reason that Bukkit doesn’t immediately work on their RB is because they help to develop the game by contributing to bug fixes for Mojang.

Also our survival server was updated to 1.0 vanilla. Only creative is still in 1.8.1.

We have reasons for not being willing to go to vanilla in the past. Griefing occurs all the time and there would be no way of checking who it was and banning them. Just this morning my entire town was raided and destroyed. Our servers also rely on our global ban list which requires a plugin that sipjca wrote for us. Without this, all the several thousand griefers we banned can get back onto our server.

It has nothing to do with economy or feature enhancements, it’s because of the security and griefing problems that occur. People get fed up with it and blame the server administrators despite countless times of explanation.

Stop calling notch a wuss, without him you wouldn’t even have minecraft -.-

I’m sorry, but pretty much all of what you have just said is… -facepalm-
We have updated survival, which shows you haven’t even looked, and at the moment it is griefed to shit, which is the reason some server owners don’t update. Notch isn’t giving out code to everyone, because otherwise he would lose a lot of money, due to pirate copies and such. Modders wont ask for the code because they won’t get it (at the moment).

I’m not calling Notch a wuss entirely, I just mean what he’s doing is wussy. He wouldn’t be handing out the code like candy on Halloween, he would give it to the bigtime modders like Bukkit. Besides, last time I checked, you opened Survival for about an hour. If it gets griefed, well, that’s what temp maps are for. I can understand the modders not asking I guess, but still, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Notch does give code to Bukkit. It's just obfuscated.
Survival has been up since 1.0 came out. And it could, as if they were constantly asking Notch for code, their credibility would go down and make it even less likely, when Notch actually does add mod support.

I hate 1.0… I seem to like dieing…

Ok, the reason I dislike this whole thing is

[ul][li]You could have opened Creative, which actually has less of a difference from vanilla[/li]
[li]You seem to brush away the idea of a temp map or whitelist[/li][/ul]

and many more reasons. You could easily make a forum post for people to say ‘I would like to be whitelisted’.

Creative has the bugs with nuker. No. And the main changes are in survival, so if people wanted to use creative, they may as well stay at 1.8 until the server is updated. And we are using a temp map now… This is a public server, and will be advertised soon, so whitelist isn’t what we want, or we would have done it a LONG time ago.

Creative is also the more played server, is it not? I can understand bugs and whatnot, but still. Also, I mean whitelist until Bukkit, with a big notice saying ‘we are on whitelist for now, we will be open when bukkit updates’.

Bukkit has updated.

Go and play other things, skyrim also just got out, mw3, bf3 all that kind of shit.