Welcome to the new forums!


Welcome to the new PCB forums. Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to migrate the forums to a new platform. The forums now work better on phones and have some shiny new features.

Important Things

Please read these important points!

  • You’ll have a ton of notifications due to the import process, to clear them all click your avatar in the top right and click “Dismiss” in the bottom right of the popup.
  • We’ve reorganised the boards a bit, no posts have been removed but they may be in slightly different places
  • We’ve closed all posts from before 2018. If you need a post from before then, let us know and we will reopen it.
  • Your rank is now shown by a coloured dot on your avatar. If it’s for the wrong rank, let us know and we’ll fix it. This may happen if you have two ranks, e.g. Donator and Trusted.
  • Old forum links are temporarily broken, they’ll redirect to the new forum soon

Trust Levels

If you’re a Member, Trusted or Donator you’ll be assigned a trust level. This is used by the forum’s spam filter to decide how many posts you can make, links you can use and likes you can give out.

New users are put at Level 0. They can only post a limited number of links, images and attachments.

Once you’ve read 5 topics, read 30 posts and spent 10 minutes on the forums, you’ll be promoted to Level 1. Everybody who has already used the forums has been put at Level 1. Level 1 users have all restrictions removed.

Once you’ve read 20 topics, read 100 posts, given and received one like, replied 3 times, spent 1 hour on the forums and visited the forums for 15 separate days, you’ll be promoted to Level 2. Level 2 users have all of their daily post limits increased.

New Features

Discourse uses markdown for formatting rather than BBCode. We’ve made a quick tutorial.

We’ve also replaced the voting system with the like system. Click the :heart: icon below each post to give it a like. You only get a limited number of likes per day, more when you advance through the trust levels.



It’s been an ordeal. Glad it’s finally here.


It’s been a long journey. Farewell SMF :grin:


wew, finally made it!


Yay :kissing_heart::tada:


Yay it looks great!:grin:


I’m gonna be different and spell Yay backwards.



Woohoo!! :confetti_ball::tada:


Yay!!! Thanks a bunch @Andy!!


Also be sure to thank @Mannriah and our resident Discourse veteran @TheOctopus for their help :wink:


:neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


Yay! Congrats on finally completing the forums! It looks great!!!


Congratsies! Looks amaze


Woot Woot!:grinning::smiley::rofl::no_good_man:t6::tipping_hand_man:t6:


Nice, It looks clean!