Minecraft Username: PandaGamingYTX

Date of Ban: ten januari 2022

Banned by: idk

Reason for Ban: I got banned for griefing

Reason to be Unbanned: I didnt grief at pcb at all griefing is for weenies
anyways i build in dixie 3 TIMES all on perms of bane i wanted to build more but i had to ask for perms so i joined nix’ city
now i got banned for something i didnt even do i didnt build in dixie in like 3 2 weeks or LONGER

Previous appeals: none

There is more to your ban reason than just griefing.
As it is, you’ve had 6 months to read and obey the Rules, and yet after 4 stern warnings, you have continued to disobey them without hesitation.

There have been at least 16 occasions where you were caught building, editing, or making stuff across multiple cities (including Dixieville) without having any permission to do so.
In most cases, it only takes 4 to 6 repeated offenses to warrant a ban.
Over the past 6 months, I have given you chance after chance after chance, and you still commit the same offenses.

I have repeatedly offered to find you a wide-open area so you can work on your own project when you complete a building in another city.

What led me to ban you was discovered last night.
A bunch of my tamed horses (with saddles) and other animals were scattered all across the city.
I look at my enclosed animal area, and logs reveal that you broke a bunch of barrier and boundary blocks, freeing a bunch of the animals. Of around 2 dozen animals that were in the enclosure, there were only 4 horses and 3 pigs remaining.
Log block does not lie, as it reveals that you broke the reinforced area twice: you first did it 3 weeks ago, and you did it again over the past week. It takes much more work than just rollback to fix what you did there.

Now regarding your appeal, you have one more chance to respond to this. You can either confess to what you did and reread the server rules, or continue being dishonest with me and remain banned until you tell the truth.
That is your choice here. I encourage you to respond wisely.


Yes i destroyed it but ur lying with the warns i did that in nix’ city he isnt a staff member and i stopped doing stuff withouth he’s pperms plz unban me

Lol I’m not lying about the warning.
You have been warned multiple times through mail and in-game messages.
You were told countless times over the past 6 months to ask for permission before you build, because you kept choosing to build without permission. I even remember each and every time I caught you doing so. Also, you only joined Nix’s city very recently.

I can clearly tell you did not read the rules before you got banned. If you did, you’ve chosen not to follow them, so I will remind you of the rule you broke below.

General Rules

Rules in this section are specific to the main Minecraft server.

  1. Griefing - PCB has a strict zero tolerance policy towards any form of griefing. This includes (but is not limited to):
    -Editing any work which is not your own without prior consent

A continued lack of cooperation with the PCB Rules will inevitably lead to greater consequences, so be sure to reread the rest of the rules in the meantime.

You will be unbanned in 3 days.
Once you are unbanned, be sure to listen, pay attention, be honest, and focus on better remembering staff instructions when they are given to you.

Unbanned in 3 days.