Op / sops don't really help often

Vote what you think …

i have the problem …
not all sop/ops don’t help but many

I’m just pointing out
We are not W/E slaves
We do have a real life
We can’t split ourselves and help 2 people or more at once.

I’d appreciate it if you came up more with an example instead of just stating that here without anything supporting your point.

You already have a thread about this. Please don’t spam the forums. Keep it all in that 1 thread.

I already locked the lther thread and said that, so sorry to break the lock :stuck_out_tongue:

Well too bad.
Officially we don’t even do worldedit when it comes to flattening land, and if shes busy so what.
This absolutely makes no sense at all.

Edit: after the conversation in game I am just closing this. Your point makes no sense.

Just to clear this up, this is on the rules thread (which you should read if you haven’t done so before) under ‘Miscellaneous Rules’.