Old memories and boring sentimental crap.

Ay so I was looking thru my screenshots for stuff anyways I found some old crap.

First build on PCB, 2 and a half years ago.

General Marco of the U.A.E

And, lasty. Marco doing the peepee dance.

You had Wurst installed? :OOOOOOO

Why would you post a screenshot saying that?

More info here: https://www.wurst-client.tk

From the Rules thread, under ‘GENERAL’:

Please stop using that client immediately. Just about every mod added with this client counts as giving you an unfair advantage.
I would also recommend you completely uninstall/remove the client from your computer, as these types of things often contain some sort of virus or malware.

If anyone is found to be using this client they will be banned from the server.

R.i.p. Exposed…

I got rid of the client 5-6 months ago. I only used it for fullbright, by the way. I remember bringing it up around when airstar got banned and I stopped using it then.

You frick, this photo made me less patient to get back to PCB! Now I really miss the chat and PCB xD! Awwww now what.