Minecraft Username: OCD_hits_me

Date of Ban: 05-02-2022

Banned by: mannriah

Reason for Ban: using an axe on copper in the market place to dewax it

Reason to be Unbanned: i was just joking around a bit, if i knew unwaxing copper was considered as griefing i would have never done it. i am not a rule breaker, i am just a person that likes to mess around a bit and i dont really think before i do things like this, plus its a small thing that i could fix if i need to in like 5 minutes. i love this server and its community, and i would hate it to be banned forever. i understand if i get banned for a week or 2, but not forever for such a small thing. again, i am so sorry and if i knew this was considered griefing i would have never done it.

edit: mannriah did not tell me to stop, i did also not get a warning. just thought it would include this too.

Previous appeals: i have not been banned before.

i also have some really big and cool builds on this server that i would really like to keep working on.

Editing anyones work without permission is considered griefing, especially so I’m Survival.

Please take some time to familiar yourself with the rules before you return.