Minecraft Parody: Eye of the Ender (Eye of the Tiger) Lyric help.

I wasnt actually

Good luck with that then…
Not to put a downer on it, I think you should try, but don’t be disappointed if nothing happens. You do realise how many people probably contact him with stuff constantly?


I know…i just dont have the time truthfully…I am currently working on 2 other parodies xD

Sword this is really good, don’t let anything put you down and I hope captianSparkelze actually sings it.
Good Luck

Sword, nice job on the song so far. On the whole contacting Captain Sparklez idea - it would be a WHOLE lot easier if you were to make it yourself. Sing it, record it, get some Minecraft footage to go with it.

Do you have any video editing experience at all?

Just what i have on my channel. so not much. But, i do know how to edit videos. As of now, i am working on something else, so i have contacted CS about it and hopefully tryhardninja will help with the vocals. I am not at my 100% as i am sick

Its all good!