Minecraft Username: Dylan10sg

Date of Ban: 13 august 2020

Banned by: Tomicalover

Reason for Ban: greifing on his land in survival about 5 times (i’m a idot)

Reason to be Unbanned: I just want to play on my creative and survival town in the Pcb server unlike my singleplayer world

Previous appeals :nope

I apologize for the broken ban appeal form and thank you for posting it manually here.

The reason I banned you is because you performed some minor grief and thievery in Survival despite me warning you multiple times. I told you that it is not ok to build on someone’s land and you did it anyway.

In addition to this, during multiple occasions, you have had bursts of anger towards me because I was telling you the rules. You may not treat staff this way. There are rules for a reason and me telling you the rules does not warrant any sort of aggression towards me.

You need to take a comprehensive look at the PCB Rules again (although I can assume you have never read them) and consider your actions in the context of the others that play this server.

For all the aforementioned reasons, I have decided that starting from this day 8/13/2020, you will remain temporarily banned for 5 days until 8/18/2020. During this 5 day period, you will need to read the PCB Rules again and reflect on your actions and how they affect others.

tomicalover 8/13/2020