Minecraft Username: Cri_

Date of Ban: Doesn’t say, dont know

Banned by: Dont know

Reason for Ban: I dont remember much as it was a long time ago but the ban says minor griefing in Aurelion.

Reason to be Unbanned: As I said it was a long time ago and I didnt really know what the server had so I decided to start greifing, I want to actually play now in Creative and build properly without messing with other people or their creations.

Previous appeals: No


You were banned 6 November 2017, and I cannot find who you were banned by, so I’ll take over the appeal.

Seeing as this ban was over a year or so ago, we’re on a new map, and the grief was listed as minor, I’m going to unban you. Please make sure you refamiliarize yourself with the server rules. If you break the rules again, we will be less generous.

Unbanned / Locked

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