AshokaTM - 12th of May, 2016

I saw you removing like 15 blocks each second.

3. Do not use any malicious client-side mods or hacks which give you an [b]unfair advantage.[/b]

This is said in the rules. It is really unfair when people have to break each block by hand and you’re there using your hacks breaking 15 blocks each second.

I don’t know a lot about hacks, but The hack you said you were using was Wolfram.

there is no benefit and people can easily install them anyways.

There is a benefit. You can break almost 15 blocks per second.

Please explain why you should be unbanned. As of right now, you aren’t telling anything that will get you unbanned.


I am wondering if prince has anything to say about this.
And also Cauli, if you read the rulebook it specifically says “Do not use malicious hacks.” According to my helper, Neyalex, it says just that. I suggest reading the rulebook to make 100% sure that my ban is reasonable

(Do not warn involved, (given perm by Claud)

if i believe so, the client is called Wolfram, as Claud had explained to me after some further research, i found that it is Indeed a Hack. Below is a quote from the website.

The Wolfram Hacked Minecraft Client, developed by ShadowSpl0it, features a simple, yet beautiful design and is packed full of tools to grief effectively and have the real PvP advantage
after seeing this i looked into the list of 100+ cheats and some of which were previously banned clients and commands.
lets start by firstly seeing the part that says, Grief Effectively, alright as we all know, Griefing = ban. (Common sense) although he did not grief, if in the wrong context this could cause Extensive damage, and in the list of cheats included are a few serious ones: X-ray Autosteal and Fly access, all of which are punishable. this is just my input and it is the staffs decision to choose what to do.

For the record, even if said client did not give you an unfair advantage (which it completely does), you’d still be banned for not obtaining permission to use clients anyway. So there’s that.

If there’s no benefit then there’s no reason for you to use it.

Amphi, I did ask several times for permission in the past. And, the answer I specifically got was “yes.”

It was before the logs were reset. If not, the proof is early into the full server chat history. And also, for the record, I don’t even need the flying cheat for creative; I’ve got that already. XRay and Autosteal is also pointless on the creative map. I have not been on survival since before I even got the client.

Yeah, we’re going to need proof of this for it to make a difference.

I’d like to have a response from @PrinceMark about how he “saw you using it”.

Amphitryon, I’m telling you, all the proof is in the logs, or before the reset of the logs. I know that prince has seen me as I was using the client, but it is 25% possible that he hasn’t seen me using the hacks. I NEVER knew that this would get me into trouble in the first place. I have NEVER used XRay, fly, or autosteal, as it is useless on the creative map. And as said, I haven’t been on survival since before I got this client. Look at my history in creative and survival, through the logbook. I was never told that I’m not supposed to use this if it’s unfair. I’ve never seen that in the rulebook either.

And also, why would I screenshot myself asking for permission from staff to use the client in the first place? Why should I stay banned if no one is willing to find proof that I’m not lying? Therefore me staying banned is questionable

“3. Do not use any malicious client-side mods or hacks which give you an unfair advantage.
· This includes (but may not be limited to) X-ray, creative block nuker, torch nuker, aimbots, any and all pre-made hacked clients (such as Nodus).
· Please note that this does NOT include Optifine.”

Here it is now, if you hadn’t seen it before. If you look at the forums (I forget which subsection), you’ll see plenty of members asking the staff’s opinion on their personal use of mods. It really helps to be observant in these situations; we cannot be held responsible if you didn’t see the rules as they are clearly marked.

I’ll let the banner make the decision, though. I’m out lol

Okay so, block breaking mods have been a controversial topic ongoing now. I think we can safely use the precedent of other bans that ‘nuker mods’ which is exactly what block breaking mods in custom clients do, are bannable. Wolfram Client includes all sorts of mods that give an unfair advantage, and if that’s what you are using, Claudia was right to ban you IMO.

Ultimately, this is @Clauliflower 's call, not @PrinceMark 's @AshokaTM , so I suggest you stop trying to undermine Claudia.

Okay, I’m sorry that I used something that had banable advantages that I didn’t use at all. I am sorry that I used this.
I am sorry that I didn’t know that the rules had extra things added to them. I am sorry that I joined the server and used fastplace, and I promise that I wont use any of it again. If I stay banned, I’ll not play MC anymore because all it does is makes me depressed when I get banned and I hate all other servers. And Claudia, I’m sorry that I ended up blocking one of your areas of expansion with Clarita.
And if out of all those times that staff tp’ed to me as I was speed-building didn’t result in me getting banned, then I don’t know what a ban is. I will play normal and I will ask next time before I use another client.

You want to play the rule quoting game?

As the person who wrote the rules, I suggest you stop trying to be a smartass. We decide what is considered malicious, not you.

A mod which allows breaking blocks faster than normal is considered a mod which gives an ‘unfair advantage’, which, as you may have seen given your knowledge of our rules, is not allowed.

If you had indeed read the rules properly, you would have seen this little gem at the bottom which intentionally protects us from smartasses like yourself who want to quote the rules at us:

We shouldn’t have to explicity state every little thing which is not allowed. You should be able to determine from the rules what is and is not allowed.

You should of read the rules. If you don’t know if you’re allowed to use the mod ask staff. I’m going to temp ban you for one week.

Unbanned. Locked

For the record I have no idea why I’m being thrown into this. I don’t have recollection of ever saying ok to a modded client or whatever. However, as it’s been shown the mod does give you an unfair advantage to other players of your own rank. I haven’t seen anything so I know nothing about this client at all. I do not think you were wrongfully banned and I do not think Claudia is being unreasonable about this. She’s letting you back which is ultimately her decision anyway. I don’t know why I was thrown into this equation :s

I would also like to add my 2 cents in, as Marco and I just recently ran into another person using a hacked client in Creative mode, and was using a Nuker, he was permanantly banned, since i cannot be sure that said client wont be used again by the same player. Again This is up to Clauliflower, but if it was me who had banned you, you wouldn’t be playing on this server any longer.

Mostly why I’m bringing it down to a temp ban is because he didn’t lie about using the mod. If he would have lied, I would have kept him banned.